Dimension Data and Data Flo have partnered with Touch Africa to bring joy to over 50 small children in Grade R by building them their very own Grade R classroom. These small children who attend Walmer Primary School in the Walmer Township have previously been sharing a small make-shift classroom with another 40 children in a cramped, confined area that was not conducive to learning.

Today the pupils, teachers, department of education and media were all there to share in the joy as the new classroom was unveiled. The morning started off with a warm welcome by Touch Africa Founder, Mike Glover who stressed the importance of looking after the building and all that lies within. He urged the teachers to follow by example and to look after the new classroom as well as the toys and games with respect and gratitude for what they had been given.

Mrs Maku, the School Principal, addressed the large crowd regaling them with tales of some of the problems that the school has endured since 2009 while waiting for this happy day. Although there had been delays along the way, Mrs Maku thanked all the sponsors and Touch Africa for the wonderful work they did in bringing this project to fruition. She specifically thanked the main sponsors Dimension Data and Data Flo, not only for their monetary sponsorship but for what they have given in their own personal time to this project that became such a big part of all of their lives over recent months.

The local pastor Nelson Mgu was on hand to bless the school and offer a prayer to all that crossed its threshold in the future. This was followed by the school choir entertaining the guests with great songs of worship.

The time finally arrived for the unveiling of the crèche. All the dignitaries including representatives from the Department of Education stood by as Mrs Maku cut the ribbon and watched as the children excitedly made their way into their new classroom. The delight on the children’s faces was almost palpable, as they all hurried to get a seat at a brand new table and chair. Not only did they get a new classroom with brightly coloured tables and chairs but the classroom was kitted out with an awesome array of new stationery, books, sporting equipment, educational toys and numerous games!

Touch Africa’s mission is to restore the dignity of children and believe that this was another successful project in achieving that by “making school a better place”.