Friday Flik

Touch Africa - Making school a better place - Friday Flik

This initiative is simple and operates within rural and township communities, the Touch Africa team would identify a town hall and a local school. The Town Hall would be kitted out with a projector and speakers and the school would be mandated to promote Friday night movies.

This initiative will empower the school to manage Friday Flik and in so doing create a revenue stream by charging an admission fee. The movies are supplied by MNET and Ster Kinekor and the content is of such a nature as to uplift i.e. great movies like e'Lollipop will be broadcast because they have have a large appeal to all ages of the community.

touch africa friday flik
touch africa friday flik

The first project at the Walmer High School based in Port Elizabeth has already reaped rewards. The school has been able to upgrade their school hall and enabled them to hire out the facilities for weddings, conferences and music festivals. This in turn has enabled the school to raise much needed funds.

For more information on schools that need support please contact Mike on

How the project works

Touch Africa provides the projector, screen, DVD player, sound equipment and the movies. The community who receives the Friday Flik, charge a fee to be determined by the community committee. The monies raised are then utilized to effect projects in the area.

touch africa friday flik