Touch Africa Creches

Touch Africa through its Ride 4 Change initiative has built 2 brand new creches namely Step by Step in the vicinity of Kob Inn and Willowvale and the second creche is Zisukhanyo creche in the Mazeppa Bay area. Our 3rd creche is being built in the heart of Port Elizabeth’s Walmer location and is called Early Birds.

Touch Africa also assists with infrastructure and Feeding schemes. Creches are the true foundation phases and an important feeder into the Junior Secondary Schools. Our evaluation critera is that there is a first a need and secondly we identify a patron in close proximity who will monitor and assist both the teachers and children when needed.

1. Step by Step, Willowvale

Joel with a Grade R class from Akani Metmar Foubdation

2. Zisukhanyo, Mazeppa Bay

Touch Africa - Walmer Primary - School Inside homepage

3. Early Birds, Walmer

Touch Africa - Walmer Primary - School Inside homepage

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