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Touch Africa - Making school a better place - Our Partners

Our steering committee partners are made up of two influencial and committed organisations namely Rhodes Food Group and AVBOB Mutual Assurance headed up by Mr Job Mpele and Marius du Plessis.

Strategy decisions, which enhance the practice of Touch Africa, are made through a consultative process.

The support of organisations like Hino and Avis allow the organization to keep costs down and contribute a greater percentage to projects.

This initiative will empower the school to manage Friday Flik and in so doing create a revenue stream by charging an admission fee. The movies are supplied by MNET and Ster Kinekor and the content is of such a nature as to uplift i.e. great movies like e'Lollipop will be broadcast because they have have a large appeal to all ages of the community.

touch africa school aid

“School Aid 4 Africa Registration number 1137365” was registered by the UK Charity Commission on 10th August 2010. A condition of the registration is that this charity operates independently from its South African sister and must continually demonstrate due diligence and public benefit.

To satisfy this requirement very strict operating procedures are in place whereby Touch Africa identifies schools within our designated area needing assistance. Touch Africa creates a formal “Request for Funding” showing the location and history of the school, the nature of the work to be undertaken with what goal or what problem it attempts to alleviate including photographs, a full bill of materials with supporting quotes and importantly what are the “measurables” and the monitoring and reporting timescales.

This submission is then reviewed by the other UK Trustees and if approved, a grant for is made funding the project.