Adopt a School

Touch Africa - Making school a better place - adopt a school

Corporates can easily Adopt schools in South Africa by engaging in various activities:

1. Providing electricity - access to technology and warmth
2. Providing or refurbishing infrastructure - desks, chairs, painting classrooms
3. Providing decent ablutions
4. Providing sporting facilities/equipment
5. Providing container kitchen and vegetable gardens
6. Covering library books

Touch Africa Walmer Primary - Mike and Principal

A Section 18A Tax exemption certificate is issued for all monies received in addition to a breakdown of how monies were allocated to the various elements of the project.

Adopting a school is all about taking ownership and building relationships with communities. The lessons to be learnt from the children and staff of these schools are often life-changing for the organisation.

touch africa adopt a school

For more information on schools that need support please contact Landi on